The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 The Flash Reborn Review

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The Flash season 4 episode “The Flash Reborn” was a great start for the series this season. It starts off with team flash having to deal without having Barry and The Flash around. After Barry sacrificed himself at end of season 3 and walked into speed force to stop the destruction of city.

The show starts off with Iris (Candice Patton) taking control and leading team Flash in taking down metahumans. Great begining scene with Kid Flash and Vibe jumping to rooftop to rooftop and taking down escaped metahuman Peek-a-Boo. Iris character really comes out in this episode, And you see how loosing Barry really effected her life. Her trying to let go and continue to move forward and not look back.

Also, Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) comes back to team Flash to help. When a samuria with meta powers threaten city.  Cisco (Carlos Valdes) comes up with a plan to bring Barry back from speedforce. But he needs some help and finds Caitlin seemingly cured from her Killer Frost alter ego working in a seedy bar and talks her into coming back. I have to admit, seeing Caitlin Snow coming back was a happy moment.

Iris is not happy with idea of trying to bring Barry back and causes problems with team Flash. But, Cisco and Caitlin contnue with bring back Barry plan without her knowing. Cisco creates the speed force bazooka to bring Barry back and it works. Barry comes back from speed force a little crazy. I would be crazy too, after being stuck in speed force listening to speed force people talk my ear off for that long.

So, team flash tries to cure Barry and bring him back to normal. I love scene with Det. Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) shaving Barry in the containment unit in Star Labs. The deep connection between characters makes this show stand out. You see how much Joe west cares for his son Barry. With samuria countdown to city destruction coming, team Flash worries how snap barry out of his crazy phase. So, Iris comes up with a plan to sacrifice herself to samuria hoping Barry will come and save her.

And Barry  doesn’t disappoints, he runs and saves Iris from samuria in epic run through wind farm. Leading with a moment between two and The flash in his new suit. Yes, I like the new suit. Also, I like the relationship between Barry and Iris, it has developed into hidden trust and understanding of the two characters. That transcends beyond more than just another simple romance.

Iris and Barry find out the samuria is really a robot being controlled by some else. You find out that Thinker is the mastermind behind it. I’m really excited about this season, If first episode has set bar really nice for rest of episodes this season.