The Flash Episode Finish Line (My Review)

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The season 3 finale of The Flash episode Finish Line was pretty good. People found out that Barry’s fiance Iris didn’t die.

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Iris dying in The Flash arms in season 3.

After changing places with H.R., she ducks a bullet while H.R. took one for the team Flash. I’m going to miss H.R. he was kind of growing on me. But, I kinda knew he was going to die at sometime in the show.

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HR dying in season 3 of The Flash.

Barry tries to talk sense into Savitar-Barry. But, he wasn’t having it. Savitar-Barry was jealous of Flash-Barry being with Iris. While he had to live with a pizza face in a robot suit. Not a good deal for him.

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Iris touching Barry/Savitar face in season 3 of The Flash.

So, it led to a final showdown between them. I wanted a little more speed running in showdown. But, it was still cool when he phased through and shattered Savitar-Barry robot suit.

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Iris shooting her gun.

After Flash-Barry spares Savitar-Barry, he stills try to kill Flash-Barry. But, Iris shoots him in back Dirty Harry style. Note: Never give iris a gun and turn your back on her. I thought her father had an itchy trigger finger. So, Savitar-Barry dies and team Flash wins another one.

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Killer Frost teaming up with Barry/Savitar.

When Caitlin/Frost kept Savitar-Barry from killing Cisco. I thought she would be coming back to team Flash. But, she said no to cure from Julian and turned him down for third time.

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Julian trying to give cure to Killer Frost.

Seeing Julian sad face after being turned down was sadest part of show. But, I can’t see a guy like Julian geting with Caitlin. But, you never know, keep hope alive Julian.

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The speed force attacking Central City.

So, When you think everything is going back to normal for a bit. Speed Force starts throwing a temper tantrum trying to destroy the city. I wasn’t crazy about this, I think they’re using this too much. You have to throw a speedster into speed force when they start getting mad for some reason.

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Barry walking into the speed force.

And Barry just steps up and excepts his fate with speed force. Which I thought was strange. After, all the stuff he went through to make things right to just walk into speed force like that. He should’ve just flip out on speed force right there.

I think the show missed a good moment to expand on what Barry wants for himself. But, I thought overall it was a good episode and i look forward to seeing next season.